Think of it as a dynamic duo. Powered by you. With a little assist from us.
Whether you’ve only recently begun riding a bicycle or you’re an experienced cyclist, we've got a great selection of electric bikes to help you get back in shape, extend your range, and just have more fun. Perfect for hitting the trail, commuting to work, or cruising around town, our e-bikes are designed with comfort, performance and efficiency in mind.

Feel Empowered

Felt Electric bikes give you the freedom to ride faster, farther, and with less effort than any other bike on the market. Our long history of producing the world’s finest bicycles combined with the latest in pedal-assist technology will enhance your ride by giving you more speed, more range and more fun than you’ve ever experienced before.

What drives us.

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to create the most powerful, efficient and reliable electric bikes on the market. Each and every ebike in the Felt Electric line is powered by the Shimano STePS System, which means that your Felt e-bike features the latest in dependable and easy-to-use electric pedal-assist technology.

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