Felt engineers set out to create the best-performing road bike on the planet, and the result is the FR, designed and developed from the ground up with a host of all-new technologies. When you strip away unnecessary indulgences and gimmicks, all that’s left is pure performance and utility, embodied in a bike that is an extension of you.


Utilized in cutting-edge aerospace equipment and on Formula One racecars, TeXtreme® has long been the preferred choice of Felt engineers for all of the company’s highest-performing bicycles. Most of the FR carbon models utilize TeXtreme® and its patented Spread Tow fabric consisting of flat tapes instead of traditional yarns of carbon fibers. When TeXtreme® is used in conjunction with Felt’s proprietary MMC and InsideOut construction methods, Felt engineers are able to ensure that more fiber and less resin is used in a given space, thereby reducing weight and allowing for a more finely tuned chassis.


First utilized on Felt’s line of industry-leading cyclocross race bikes, the BB386EVO bottom bracket standard forms the foundation of the FR. Its 86mm-wide bottom bracket shell makes for maximum pedaling efficiency and power transfer, ensuring that none of the rider’s effort is wasted. The BB386EVO bottom bracket standard also gave Felt engineers the freedom to explore new construction options, layup methods and tube shape configurations in order to further enhance frame stiffness for increased performance and a more finely tuned ride quality, as well as increased tire clearance for versatility.


Felt engineers tuned the FR’s rear triangle for maximum traction and a high-performance ride quality. This is accomplished in part through a seat stay design that forgoes the traditional rear brake bridge found between the seat stays of many road bikes. Instead, they’re positioned outboard of the seat tube at the top tube junction. What this means for the rider is that the FR boasts increased rear-end lateral stiffness and a precision amount of suppleness that keeps the bike firmly in contact with the road over rough surfaces and through corners, ensuring that none of the rider’s energy is wasted.


Each and every tube shape on the FR was meticulously theorized, modeled and tested in order to achieve the optimal performance characteristics demanded by cycling’s top athletes and the ride quality revered by riders the world over. From its asymmetrical chainstays crafted to precisely balance the rider’s pedaling forces with the inherent effects of a drivetrain to its rear triangle and fork developed to mitigate road chatter in order to reduce rider fatigue, every millimeter of the FR frameset was finely sculpted in excruciating detail. More so than any other road bike in Felt’s history, the FR is the embodiment of form following function.


Felt’s flagship road race bike has always been defined by an aggressive geometry that exceeds the demands of the world’s fastest and most technically demanding racecourses. Head and seat angles honed from decades of feedback from the world’s top professional racers ensure that the FR possesses the most intuitive handling available, while at the same time providing a stable ride quality. And because an efficient rider is a powerful rider, the FR features geometry optimized to suit the fit needs of nearly all riders. This empowers riders to achieve their most efficient positions possible so that no watt is wasted.


Felt has long been designing bikes to suit the needs of all riders with size-specific frame designs and materials throughout the company’s long history. And this rider-tailored philosophy continues with the FR, which utilizes Felt’s Precision Fit technology. Featuring tapered head tubes with varying lower bearing sizes for an ideal combination of front-end stiffness and handling, as well as different fork offset measurements across its range of sizes, this means that each and every rider will experience the same phenomenal handling characteristics, pedaling performance and ride quality, no matter which size frame they ride.


The savvy road racer will utilize the best equipment possible for any given stage, and that includes selecting the optimal tire for race day or a long training ride. The FR frame boasts a 36mm tire clearance circle (total space between the frame’s chain stays). In the case of the FR and similar road bikes, ISO standards call for 4mm of clearance on either side of the tire, resulting in an original equipment tire specification of 28mm width or narrower. Felt Bicycles recognizes that some riders may still want even wider tires for certain uses, but they do so at their own risk.


The FR’s cable management system has been optimized for both wireless and wired electronic drivetrains, and it features internal routing for electronic shifting wires. For mechanical drivetrains, shifting cables can be routed externally for ease of maintenance, adjustability, and to maintain maximum head tube stiffness. The FR’s rear brake cable is routed internally and features a unique partial housing system that improves braking feel and is lighter than traditional internally routed rear brake cable systems, resulting in a lower total weight and better braking performance.


Maximizing your time on the bike means being able to ride at all hours of the day. And that’s why Felt incorporated a unique selection of high-visibility aesthetic accents throughout the FR. Handlebar tape developed in collaboration with one of Felt’s trusted component partners features a classically subdued style in bright daylight, yet produces a striking degree of reflectivity in low-light environments. Likewise, the FR frame includes several understated and refined graphic details that yield enhanced visibility to ensure both bike and rider are always in the spotlight.